All Hands in the Field – Except Me

Today everyone got to head outside and enjoy the nice mild weather. Everyone but me. I was off to my day job for a series of morning meetings.

Stefania dropped me off at work, we only have one car, and headed up to Chaine d’Or. She continued the work on the drip system. Jerry joined her up there and their plan was to have all the drippers checked out and repaired today.

Rachel came by the house at 8AM to pick up her supplies for the day. She would be working on getting up deer repellent which meant I had to search around to find the staple guns and staples. We staple up the fabric softener/dryer sheets on the end posts of the vineyards. I also picked up some cotton face masks for her since the soap smell can get to be a little much when you do it all day.

This is a time of year when it seems like there are more tasks than time to do them. I know I just need to be patient though and everyone will get through all the things we have to do. For Rachel and Jerry it will be a good month, their paychecks will be full.

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