Bringing Your Own

The other night Stefania and I went to check out Pizz A Chicago. We both love Chicago, and Chicago Pizza. It has been a while since we’ve been able to get to Chicago, so we thought we’d sub in the local alternative.

The pizza is deep dish style, they don’t have the Giordano’s style stuffed pizza, but there is a full selection of toppings and combos. We built an anchovy, pepperoni, mushroom, bell pepper and sausage pizza. The crust was excellent and overall it was worth a trip back.

We both had a pint of Newcastle, but next time we’ll bring our own wine. Corkage was just $5. We have always said our business plan was to not make more wine than we could drink. The back up plan if we couldn’t sell it has always been to drink it. I can’t think of much better than a Chicago style pizza and a bottle of our wine. Another big plus is now, when everyone is trying to save money, $35-$40 for a bottle of wine at a restaurant is a great deal.

It wasn’t fancy eating but it helped our local economy to get out and spend a little money. I hear a lot of people now talking about ‘simplify’, and bringing a bottle with you is a great way to do it and still get out.
Stefania and I would love to hear about our wine ‘getting out’ or even a picture or two. Knowing people are enjoying our wine keeps us going in the vineyards and the winery. So send us a note, or a picture. I’ll get it started with one from our friend Mark. He always seems to know when we need a pick me up and gets us a great picture like this:

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