Fire shift.

Just caught up on reports of the fire and it’s mostly positive news. The weather has been cool, and the winds down the last two days. It looks like the crews were able to stop the fire at the junction of Hazell Dell Road and Browns Valley Road.

The Woodruff’s look to be out of any danger now. We’re planning on trying a visit tomorrow to see the vineyard, but suspect we won’t be able to get past the fire lines. I’ll send off a note today to Pete and Barbara to see how they are.

Reed’s Vineyard also seems out of danger now, and there’s no chance of the fire moving down Redwood Retreat Road and getting close to Martin Ranch or Fernwood Cellars.

The bad news is that it has moved into Uvas Canyon Park. The area just east of the park is more populated than the areas the fire has been burning in so far, and the construction is much older, which means very poor fire clearance and breaks. Almost all the housing in the area is build right into the forest.

Some good pictures of the density of the forest in the area are at :

For a referance point on where the fire is to us, check out our lable. The view from the label is the view from our backyard. The fire is burning right behind the twin peaks you see on the left side of the label.

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