Four Random Photos

Jazzi Gurr, our part time pet while her owners were off on vacation. I called her “Little Mutt” the whole time the day she was in the winery with us.

The dining room in preparation for the Friends of the Winemakers dinner this weekend. As I was setting up I realized how much fun we have doing these dinners at the house. It’s really the core reason behind starting the winery; friends, family, food, wine. We’ll seat 16 for dinner Saturday and Sunday night and have a blast cooking and serving them.

Each Spring I fill up these containers with herbs and then transplant the survivors to a permanent location. I have plenty of rosemary around the yard and oregano up the wazzoo, so this years selection was more lemon thyme, english thyme, and chives.

And last but not least, the front mini-vineyard. I was going to wait until tomorrow to take the picture, (after I rake up the magnolia leaves), but Paul said to go ahead and do it now. The little vines are cruising and the crimson clover-wildflower mix is taking off and getting ready for a bloom explosion. I’ve spotted lupine, poppy, and cosmos so far that are either blooming or getting ready to.

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