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We’re fine. Working the day jobs as normal today. Herardo was scheduled to work in the Woodruff Family Vineyard today, but I sent him to the Harrison Vineyard and Elandrich vineyard in Los Altos instead.

We could see Reed’s vineyard and home in the TV coverage last night. We consulted there and helped him put in the vineyard. He hasn’t called me, but I’m sure he evacuated. IF you check out this map:


He is located right where the color of the vegitation changes on Summit Road, south of the fire. There’s a cluster of houses there, with a good cleared fire area, so it’s likely that if the fire does reach that area it will be defended hard and they should be able to save the houses. The vineyard is organic, so all metal, but the plants could be lost. The big risk I think is that they’ve probably already drained his tanks so there’s no water left for the vineyard.

I just spoke with Barbara Woodruff. The are located on Brown’s Valley Road, just south of Avocado Road. If you check the map there you can see the terraced vineyard. It’s also an area that can be defended well. They have the tractor out now incase they need to help cut a fire line. They have heard a rumor that they are in an evacuation area, but they are going to stay. They can see the smoke on Redwood Road, and the helicopter activity, it looks to them to be about a mile away now. Barbara said it looks like they are changing out the fire crews as there have been trucks on the road for the last 20 minutes.

She seemed fine and we spent more time talking about who I’d sell the grapes too this year than the fire.

Windy Oaks actually looks to be a bit closer at this point. If you follow the junction where Brown’s Valley Road turns into Hazel Dell Road, and follow that, Windy Oaks is at Hazel Dell and Sweetwood. I got the email from Judy yesterday as well that they were fine. I suspect she’s just not wanting to answer the phone so hopefully they’ll send out an update today. They are in a bit more rugged and wooded area than the Woodruff’s with less open farm land around, so a slight higher risk.

The weather is cooperating though and winds are down, so keep all fingers crossed.

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