Shipping and Inventory Update

Time for a quick update on shipping.

We’ve released all orders for shipment. Everything is now either delivered, on its way, or holding at the shipment warehouse waiting for some state requirement and will ship as soon as the state in question approves it. Only one exception and that is a single order to Missouri, which will go out Monday.

Here is the breakdown on holds:
New York, New Jersey and Michigan: All pending state label approval. This should happen no later than 6/1 and the wines will release from the warehouse as soon as the label is approved.

Florida and Virginia: The Syrah label has been approved, the Haut Tubee has not. If your order included just Syrah, it’s shipped. If it included both wines, it’s pending still, also until 6/1.

We still have wine left if you have an order form you’ve been holding on to. Not a ton, just about 5 cases we can still release.

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