Update on Sales and Allocations

We’ve had great response so far to our first offer letters. Right now we’ve booked about 53% of the total wine we have available. It does look like we’ll sell out before our official release date of April 21st.

There’s a small chance that those people who signed up after March 8th and have not yet gotten an offer letter will get one after April 1st, but I think that’s about a 25% chance now. The waiting list for an offer letter has gotten over 30 people long.

I really didn’t want to rush people or pull the trick a lot of Napa wineries try and use about ‘a long line behind you if you don’t buy’, but it honestly does look like if you don’t get your order in soon, we’ll be out of wine.

The situation in the Fall looks even worse. We’re averaging 2-3 new sign ups a day right now. I think that very well may keep up through the summer, especially as the wine starts to get out around the country and people try it. We could have a waiting list of 150 by September to get the Cabernet release.

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