599 Bottles Of Wine on the Wall……

And none of them fell.

Not that there wasn’t a little drama today. The labels have not yet arrived, so those will actually go on the bottles on Thursday. And some of you will get nice corks that say “Stefania” and “2005” on them. Some of you will get the rare and elusive ones with just “2005” on the cork. As in: “It just says ‘2005’ , the cork supplier must not have sent enough corks with ‘Stefania’ on them”.

It also looked like the Cam was not working. At least I could see El Tejano on the chat board going: “The cam is not working”.

But all in all it went very well, and there are 587, 750ml bottles, and 6 magnums waiting for pick up to go to the warehouse in Napa. The wine tasted very well, with the floral and fruit notes coming out very well and the nice balance and structure the wine has.

The bottling line went smoothly and I loaded in the clean new bottles at the start of the line. Stefania should have some pictured for me to post up soon.

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