Day Off…Then Back at It.

Yesterday we took our first day off in what I think was eight weeks. It’s been a pretty consistent schedule for weeks now. Work the day jobs Monday – Friday. Then weekday nights are spent in the office, sending out letters, processing orders, planing the 2007 budget, and answering emails. The weekends come and it’s out in the vineyard or into the winery.

Yesterday we just played around all day. Drove to Monterrey and searched for Spot Prawns. There where none, too windy for the fisherman we heard. But we did stop for some abalone and Vouvray on the wharf.

Today I’ll head back off to the vineyards. I need a new weed-whacker. I cooked mine last week. The second engine failure on this one, so I’m not going to try and rebuild it again. It’s also time to start spraying sulfur regularly, and even though there is some rain coming Tuesday, I want to get sulfur down.

We have bud break and good growth starting at home, so it’s likely I’ll see a little today in the mountain vineyards. By next weekend, everything should be starting to grow and the real spray schedule will start.

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