Suburban Vineyard Life

This morning after Paul left for work, I poured myself a cup of hot coffee grabbed a scone and headed out front to the mini vineyard.

It’s cold and cloudy today, overcast with a minimal chance for rain. Feels good, like being on the coast in late fall. The air is crisp and chilly.

While I sat there munching and sipping, the phoebe came by with her offspring to feed on bugs. Another little bird that I haven’t identified yet swooped in and pecked around the base of the vines. The mockingbird did a fly-by and a couple of doves padded around in the gutter.

The other day, two hummers came in and buzzed all around the clover that is blooming. The wires are a popular attraction for them to rest on before zipping all over. Normally they are feisty about who gets to feed where, but these two were on their best behavior and sharing the space.

Last weekend, Paul and I were at Chaine d’Or walking the rows looking for signs of gophers (a few), and to check on the two owl boxes for residents (none yet), and to turn on the drip irrigation system (needed minor repairs).

It was a gorgeous morning, light fog rolling over the mountain and low temperatures in the middle 70’s. While we walked the rows I suckered here and there as needed – it was our third pass through for suckering and there weren’t very many at all. It was tempting to tuck the stray shoots flopping in the center of the row, but the Chardonnay was still flowering in some sections and the Cabernet was just getting going, so that task will wait just awhile longer.

Chance of rain this week, but we’re not worried about shatter – it’s a minor “storm” passing through and doesn’t have any wind coming with it.

Last night I grilled with charcoal! Alert the media!! This is news folks. I grew up grilling on coals and credit my dad for everything I learned. Then I discovered gas grilling and wine. No mess, no wait time, no handling of flaming coals, no problem. Drink a little wine, get a little fuzzy, no problem, just turn on a button, and voila, flame cooking. Yes, I acknowledge it’s not the same, that’s why I bring it up.
I used Kingsford Mesquite charcoal, built my OCD pyramid piles, a little splash of lighter fluid (the old man always used white gas…more on that another time), and waited for hot ash goodness before spreading.
The chicken went on, the martinis and cigars came out, and much enjoying of the back patio commenced. Great evening. Great food. Really good wine (Georges Vineyard Cooper Garrod) Awesome sunset…

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