Still More Primal Food

Well the first picture is not 100% Primal it’s a corn finished steak from Joe’s in San Jose, but it was still damn good.  It’s weird to go to Joe’s and not have bread and ravioli but I really didn’t miss it too much when I dove into this steak.  I put my finger in the picture to give some scale to this monster.  We’ve been eating out a bit more than normal lately, look for big news #2 and #3 for why.  There was a Manhattan that went with this also that I didn’t get a picture of.  Ok, two Manhattan’s since cocktails are best in even not odd numbers.

Stefania does a lot of quick summer salads like the one below for us.  Fresh tomato with feta cheese and avocado over some lettuce.  There are some olives in there too and she tops it with olive oil and a little vinegar.












Another salad.  Spinach with bacon and red bell peppers.










This is grass fed 100% primal beef below.  We pick it up from Moon Meadow Ranch.  They come to the farmers market every Sunday near our house.  Grass fed is one of the things you’re supposed to do for Primal.  This really is great beef and worth the extra money to me.










One last picture.  It’s not food but the internet can always use more kitten pictures.  Bressie and Drew are growing like crazy and doing well.