Vacation Pictures

We’re almost ready to get back to work. Harvest and barrel work ended the earliest ever for us in 2013 and we really enjoyed the extra time off.  In 2011 we finished all the harvest and winemaking related work on December 18th.  In 2013 we finished on October 26th.  That two months really made a difference in feeling rested and having some time away from the vines and winery.

I had two weeks off from the day job over the holidays so we decided to go to the Oregon coast.  We first went in 2007 to visit with Pinot producers who were making Pinot Noir we liked.  On our way home we found the little town of Newport and ended up going back there the next year.  We did the drive from San Jose in one shot, all 670 miles in a single day.  We left at just after 6AM and the weather was clear except for fog in central Oregon.

This was the view from our room.  We got a small place with a kitchen so we could cook and relax.


The town has a beautiful bridge that was built in the 1930’s in an art deco style.  Of all the bridges along the coast this is my favorite.  There’s a small bay with an active fishing fleet and some processing plants and a small assortment of shops and restaurants.  Because the town is small and 2+ hours from Portland it’s managed to stay fairly un touristy for a seaside town.  The big business in town is fishing and then the NOAA boats that are home ported there that you can see in this photo.



The bay has an oyster farm, they were fantastic and up river a bit a lumber mill.  The other big business in town is the Rogue Brewery and we spent a fair amount of time there.  Ok we went every day.  It was about a 3 mile round trip from our place to the Rogue public house so it seemed that going to get a beer was a perfect excuse for a walk.



We came back on the 2nd in one day also.  The weather was clear the entire time back except for morning fog along the coastal mountains.  There was almost no snow on Mt Shasta or Mount Lassen that we passed on our return.  We’ve had a very dry winter.  I went back to the day job on the 6th.  Our office location moved and to avoid a 90 minute commute I changed my schedule to come in at 6:15.  I get good sunrises, but the parking garage is just not the same as the boats!




We’ll be back at work Saturday pruning the Crimson Clover vineyard. We rally enjoyed the time off!