Seattle Trip

For New Years we took a 6 day trip to Seattle.  It was a perfect break before pruning started and we were back at work in the vineyards.  It seems like every time we’ve been to Seattle we had fantastic weather.  This was the skyline one day we went out walking.  You can just make out Mount Rainier.  The plan was to get a condo in Belltown and shop the markets every day for dinner.  We also hit the international market and some art galleries.

We planned on walking almost everywhere.  Seattle is a nice town to walk in and even though there are a few hills to climb you can walk to most everything in 30 minutes or less.









It was still chilly but we bundled up and spent a lot of time walking the town









Everyday included a trip to the market to shop for fresh ingredients for the nights dinner.  In all we ate out for dinner once.  Most days we had lunch out and dinner in.  We really loved getting something fresh from the market everyday.









This was the view down 1st street in Belltown from the condo we rented.  The market was about a 15 minute walk.









And this was the view out the front windows of the Olympic Mountains and Elliot Bay.  There were a few nice spots just on the block we stayed including Belltown Pizza where we watched the Seahawks game and Rob Roy where we had some great cocktail.









Some of the food actually had to come home with us.  This is a veal chop and Fois Gras we packed and had when we got home.