Accolades and Awards

I’ve done a poor job keeping track of wine competition awards and other accolades.  Everyone loves to see their name in print, right?  Well, most everyone that is.

Paul and I spend a lot of time focusing on producing quality wine that we enjoy so having someone else validate its merits is nice, but we don’t go to great lengths for trophies.

That said, while we were in Colorado and in the midst of a major family crisis, I received an email from Lucinda Gilbert asking if I would please review my bio. for her website on women winemakers.  I still owe her a proper reply and to make any edits to the entries, but after a quick glance through, I’m satisfied with the information she pulled off our website.


Then, later in the year, Paul sent me an email he received from Vineyard & Winery Management asking if we would like to participate in their International Women’s Wine Competition.  Well, heck, if I’m going to promote myself on Lucinda’s website, I may as well submit a few and see how we do.

I submitted:  ’09 Chardonnay, ’07 EPR Syrah, ’07 Uvas Cab, ’07 SCM Cab, ’08 SCM Cab, and ’08 Crimson Clover Cab.

And then I forgot about the competition. We were busy with harvest and winemaking and then Thanksgiving with friends and family coming around.  When I finally checked the website to see how we did, I was pleasantly surprised.  Everything but the Chardonnay placed.

1 Silver medal and 4 Bronze