Bottling Prep – Day Two

We arrived at the winery today at 9:05 for the second day of preparation for bottling. Greeting us was the new puppy Ghillie. Jerry is going to be here today also suckering the vineyard and just being around in case we need him.

I’m really just here because of this:

The forklift was dropped off this morning and I’m the driver. I brought it down to the crushpad and later today I’ll have to unload the glass from the delivery truck. It’s pretty scary for me. It’s not super hard, but I only drive a forklift a few days out of the year. Even today it should only take about 20 minutes to unload the truck, which should arrive around lunch time.

The rest of the day I’ll be working at the day job. Stefania is going to be prepping the 2007 Chaine d’Or Cabernet for bottling and cleaning barrels. We’ll try and have updates today.

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