A quick blog post in response to a question about why we would be buying 600 pairs of chopsticks that came up on :

We use them to secure the bottom of our bird nets.  When I learned to bird net I was taught to use plastic twist tie to secure the bottom of the nets.  You MUST tie off the bottom of the nets or the birds will simply fly up into the nets and eat the fruit.  Trying to get nets long enough to just lay on the ground also will not work, the birds learn to lift the netting.

Birds are smarter, and more persistent than we give them credit for.  These are all from our Mourvedre vines in front of the house that go in the Haut Tubee blend.  The first picture is the chopstick through the nets near the trunk of the plant.








Second picture is how a row looks with all the bottoms secured by chopsticks.








Last picture is a little more detail of the nets twisted together and then chopstick passed through the nets to hold them.  I told Stefania she should patent this idea: ‘Method for securing bird netting with chopsticks”.  Any patent attorney’s out there who will work for wine?