Fall Release Offer Letters

Last week I was able to print, sign, fold, and stuff the offer letters and get them in the mail…no small task while we ramp up harvest and crush activities.  Paul got home from the day job and I sat him down with a pen to sign letters while I folded and matched up the envelopes to the order forms.

As I was preparing the letters and reading the content, it occurred to me that I have a really hard time keeping up with the winemaking notes.  I’m grateful for Paul’s notes and think I’ll start my own wine journal this harvest.

The thing that I struggle with is that the letters are about wines we harvested two years ago, but only two weeks prior to printing the letters we racked all of the 2011’s, so those notes are fresh in my mind.  Then, just in time to really mess me up, we’re harvesting and bringing in new fruit for 2012 and I’m focused on that.

Without good notes, it’s hard to remember year over year all the details of each wine.   We’re close to or past 30 bottlings now and I’m certain I will refer to this website for the notes, thank you Paul for posting them!

By Friday of this week the letters should have reached your mailbox.  If you are on the mailing list and looking forward to ordering wine this Fall but have not received a letter by this weekend, please send me an e-mail and I’ll take care of it.


[email protected]

Next Up…pics from harvest and crush 2012