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Happy New Year!

In an effort to recap 2011 there will be a series of blogs with photos that capture the highlights of last year.   It might take me a week or longer, but hopefully I can keep it interesting.

As I scrolled through the photos, it’s clear I have a problem taking pictures of my two cats, loaves of bread I’ve baked, and pretty much food in general.  We did a ton of travel last year, spent a lot of time with our friends here and around the country, and enjoyed a couple of road trips to see my family.

We were in Miami in February and experienced our first Cuban Pig Roast in a Caja China box.  By September I had my own box and did the first pig for Labor Day weekend.  In October we went to New Orleans and met  friends of the owner at Finnegans Easy.  They invited us to a pig roast in the French Quarter which we gladly attended.  Then in December, to celebrate a milestone birthday for Millie, I roasted the pig shown in the photo above (heavily seasoned with Paul’s dry rub mix).

We actually hit New Orleans twice in 2011, once in February, then again in October.  The flights from San Jose to Miami stop and change planes in New Orleans, so we took advantage of an extended layover.  Paul found a cigar shop on Canal Street that we popped into to take a break from walking.

With money leftover from tax refunds, Paul finally got to see the deck built – something he’s wanted to do for the past several years.  With the help of our friend Eric, we demolished the concrete patio and prepared the area for Millie to build. She finished it just in time for the pig party in September.

Up next, pictures from work.  Vineyards, bottling, harvest, etc.