Getting Ready to Go

After we’re done lounging with some coffee this morning, we’ll be off to clean our bins and get them ready for harvest tomorrow. Then we swing by the truck rental place and pick up a 14 foot box truck to drive to Mendocino. We should get to Eaglepoint Ranch about 5 PM today.

We’ll unload the bins and settle down for a little wine and food with the folks at Eaglepoint and then get to bed early. We’re staying at the Ranch tonight. We’ll get up before dawn tomorrow as harvest starts. Once our bins are full, we load back into the truck and take the 5+ hour drive back to Felton and Hallcrest.

We should arrive about noon. We’ll crush right away and the must will go into T-bins to start turning into wine. The process should go fast and we’re hoping that by 6 or 7 PM we will be able to call it a day.

Stefania will take lots of pictures and we’ll post them here and to our website as soon as possible.