Getting started at Stefania wine.

Day one of our Blog.

Today our web designer finished his first draft of our new website, so I’m finally forced to actually start our blog entries. I hope to keep a good update of this years harvest season and winemaking, which should be underway in just a few weeks.

It’s been a busy week on the winemaking front. We’ve had our notice up at home on the front door for two weeks now and the ABC came and did an inspection today of our office. Checking to make sure our permits were up and the posting was visible. I hope it went fine.

Our barrels are all getting marked as well this week and I exchanged messages with John at Hallcrest to make sure we are ready to go with the 15 or so barrels we’ll need this year. Mostly we are using old wood so I needed his help in rounding up good older barrels.

I also got the contract for Cabernet Sauvignon from Martin Ranch. We’ll be using that fruit with the Merlot and Cab from our vineyards to make a Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet. That was the last grape source I needed to round up, so am really glad to have that done.

More soon I’m sure!

Cheers, Paul