“Goatsview Syrah”

Coastview Syrah 2012

Paul and I dropped off the bins and trailer the night before the harvest…on the drive in we saw a ton of deer, a bunch ‘o wild turkeys, happy cows on a ranch eating green apples, and goats.  Lots and lots of them all under the keen supervision of (very cute) herding dogs.









Next morning the goats came up into the staging area to visit with us.  I shooed one away from the trailer wiring and another was showing interest in the bumper and tire of the car.  We were on the ready to shoo them off the tall trailer where our two bins of grapes were…

This guy was doing laps around me, I think he was trying to distract us so that the other goats could get into mischief, “hey look at me! over here! yoohoo!’









Loaded up and ready to go mobile.











The staging area is in the canyon just below the vineyard, we watched the sun on the hillsides above us but we were long gone by the time this spot saw sunshine.