Is Blogging Dead?

Based on the last time we put anything up you would think so. It’s been well over two years since the last blog. How is that possible? We have so much to tell you and get caught up on!

Tonights post is basically meant to make sure I remember my user Id and password, and also how this wordpress thing works.

Photos from last year and commentary are in the queue, no really, I’m working on them now while I watch the Seahawks and Cowboys. Oh alright, I’m not really working on them right now, but I will be soon, very soon.

We had an impressive downpour earlier today while there were guests in the tasting room. I’m thrilled we have rain and clouds, means we’re done with freezing overnight temperatures for awhile. I’m hopeful the citrus trees survived the last week of cold. Of all the things I miss from the old house in San Jose, the margarita grove is number one. The mature lemon, lime, and blood orange trees were awesome and well pretty much I’m just rambling. Go Seahawks, but more importantly, Go SAINTS!!!