I know Paul already wrote about the new pruning method in the Chardonnay section at Chaine d’Or, and let me tell you what, the bud break this year is AMAZING!

As much as it sounds crazy, I kept telling Paul that I was getting a “vibe” off the vineyard when the old cordons were cut off. I could feel the vines go “aaahhhh”.  Well, they are definitely loving having all that dead weight gone, they are THRIVING!

Bud break is out of control (in a really good way) and I’ve already gone through and thinned them.  I already dropped a ton of fruit, the shoots all have teeny little grape clusters on them already.  Crazy Good, Exciting Good, Really, Really Good!

Can you tell I’m excited?


Oh yeah, and there are ladybugs everywhere!  Not just at Chaine d’Or either.  I saw them on the vines at the church, and the ones at home.  It’s the first time I can remember this many of them.

My rose garden is the healthiest it has been in years, I have a great feeling about this growing season.  We are going to have strong, healthy plants all across the board, not just vines.