Magnums and a Bonus.

MONDAY 5/7 update.  All the magnums are sold.  There are 6 bottles of Chaine d’ Or left

I was finally able to get into the cellar for a count on the extra magnums today after returning from working in the Crimson Clover Vineyard.  Here’s what we have:

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Cruz Mountains (Three total)

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Crimson Clover Vineyard, Santa Clara Valley (Two total)

The deal is it is first come fist serve.  Email us at [email protected]

Regular price was $100 on each


$75 each shipping included.  We will bill your CC on file, or you may contact us with a CC number.

Here’s the bonus.  We also have two cases and 10 bottles of 2007 Chaine d’Or Cabernet Sauvignon available.  This wine has the Chaine d’Or gold label and not the Stefania label but it is the same wine.  This lot was originally sold to a restaurant in Santa Cruz and they had it in their wine locker for some time.  We had trouble getting payment from them and eventually just took the wine back.  We’re not 100% sure on the storage, we’re trusting that the restaurant was honest in saying they had it in a commercial wine locker.  We’ll sell the cases at $180 per case with free shipping and the 10 bottle lot at $150 with free shipping also.