On Line Ordering

We’ve been working on getting an online ordering system up and in place for a little while.  Harvest work, regular work, travel and now pruning have all delayed us being able to work on it.  Today though was a rainy wet and cold day and we called off pruning for the day.  Stefania and I used the time to get caught up on other tasks and I used the time to get a Beta of on line ordering going.

You’ll now see a link to order wines we have in stock on the Wines page and the Orders page.  Right now just wines from previous releases that have not sold out are listed.  In the next few weeks I hope to get the wines for the Spring Release set up and allow people to order those on line.  It will take a bit to figure out the allocation system.

On the order page you see a discount of 20% for Wine Club members.  We don’t have a wine club set up yet on line but will also be adding that soon.  Until now we’ve limited our Wine Club to sign ups local to the San Jose area who sign up live at events.  We’ll be expanding that this year.  We will also be moving Futures ordering on to the on line system.

Our plan is to still send out letters to those who want them and we’ll start in the Spring with letters asking people to log in and order.  There will be an option to receive future offers by email or an option to continue to receive the postal letter.