Onion Chutney and Sausage Making






It’s been a pretty good growing season so far and there really isn’t that much to tell you about the grapes or activities at the winery lately.

I take that back, it’s been an amazing grape growing season so far.  Veraison is just around the corner and soon the bird nets will go on, the last spraying for mildew will be over then we watch and we wait.

In the meantime, we’ve been having a great time in the kitchen.

I dabbled with a mostly made up recipe for curry onion chutney using the ingredients below.





The next photo is the onions reducing in the vinegar, sugar, apple mixture.








And while I am busy tinkering with chutneys and pickles,

Paul has been learning the fine art of sausage-making.









The first attempt at sausage making was a huge success!










Spicy Italian

Sweet Italian

Boudin Noir