Shipping Update

That’s a picture of shipments going to Arizona.  They were sitting in our garage this morning waiting to be hauled up to the cellar at Chaine d’Or for storage over the summer.  It looks like we are not going to be able to get out Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida and Arizona.  The weather just did not cooperate for us this spring.

We had plenty of good cool weather in California but the South warmed up quickly and never cooled for any length of time.  I know we’ve had late orders in the past that didn’t make it out, but this is the first time I remember the window closing so early to so many states.  It was really the first week of March when we started shipping and in many states it was already too late.

We’ll move all of that wine in package to the dry room cellar at Chaine d’Or where we will store it with the estate library wine for the summer.  It will ship in the fall when the window opens back up.  The cellar is perfect at 58-60 degrees all summer and we’ll leave everything in shipping boxes so it is ready to go.