Some Primal Pictures

We’re still on track with our ‘Primal’ eating.  We’ve added organic corn tortillas back in for extra carbs from time to time and besides there’s really no way to have a taco without them.  We end up having tacos a lot now.  I cook up a couple shells in coconut oil and we fill them with lots of fresh veggies and pork, bison beef, or fish.  The tacos on the left though were from a party at our Crew Chief Jerry’s house this past Saturday.  There was lots of food and wine and beer plus dancing.  We opened a bunch of the wines we had just bottled and the 2012 Mourvedre and 2012 Nueva Casa de los Padres where both really excellent.

We have a few neighbors who have gardens on our block and there’s an informal food exchange we all do.  Our house is a popular drop off point for extras because we give back out bottles of wine.  Below are some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers I sliced and drizzled with olive oil.










This is a pretty typical Primal dinner.  Lots of protein with organic free range chicken and wild salmon.  I herbed both up and grilled them together.  There are steamed organic carrots and blackened brussels sprouts cooked in butter.  I steam the sprouts then finish them in a cast iron pan with butter.











I’ll try to keep posting regularly.  We’ll have some big news to share soon.  Good news and lots of it!