The Year was 1973

This past couple of weeks have been pretty wet and dreary in California.  I never thought I would say this, but man I am sick of the weather.  It’s been cold, damp, wet, and soggy for too many days in a row.  I get it, we need the rain, we need the snow, but even the cats are getting stir crazy.  So much so that yesterday we braved the weather and picked up new toys for them, a rather life like looking gopher was the winning gift and I’m genuinely concerned that I might mistake it for a real one next time it turns up.

In the meantime, I’ve been having fun looking at photos from when I was a kid, and who doesn’t love a photo of one very surly Stefania?

Here, at my birthday in ’73 looking perfectly snotty:

Yes, that’s pretty much how I feel about all birthdays.


My sister sent me the next gem, I don’t know the exact year for sure, but it would have been her high school graduation in Chile, so some time around 1975 I bet.

I would like to point out my mom’s cigarette, what appears to be the graduation program in my right hand, and what’s that? A glass of wine in my left hand? Yes, of course it is, and I can tell by the glazed look in my eyes that I was very likely drinking it!

Chile was where I first learned about wine, grapes, winemaking, and cork orchards. My “uncle” Tolo was in charge of vineyards and winemaking and invited us on several occasions to participate in the activities there.  I remember bottling and glueing the labels on to the bottles.

I would also like to point out my fashion choices, or those of my dear mother, I’m rockin’ the socks and sandals look, and I hate to admit it, but the plaid skirt my sister is wearing was a regular in my school clothes rotation sometime in the 80’s, rockin’ it.


We’ll be open in the tasting room this weekend but closed Monday for the holiday.