After Hours Food

In order, stale leftover popcorn that has been resurrected with melted caramel candies, then bourbon balls coated in cocoa and white chocolate, and Paul stir frying leftover protein and veggies for us.

Not that this is typical of how we spend our weekends after pouring in the tasting room and visiting with you, but yeah, pretty much it is.

The photo of the Gochujang was from a newsletter email I sent out with the recipe for my dads “Famous Korean Short Ribs”.  This sweet and spicy sauce was his “secret” ingredient and he loved using it often. I think some of his favorite meals were inspired by his service time spent in Asia.

The bourbon balls recipe came out of an issue of Imbibe Magazine and it turns out they are crazy easy to make and unholy to eat before they have mellowed for at least a couple of hours.  [For the record, all of these photos are from January 2018]