Bread Free Update

I’m through week one of my gluten free diet.  So far the hardest part has been explaining to people that there’s no good reason I’m doing this other than taking a dare.  When I come off in two more weeks I probably will make a few changes to my ongoing diet.  I suspect I’ll cut back on sandwiches for lunch to twice a week instead of 4 times.

I used to eat at Subway a lot but I think I’m kicking that habit.  Bread just carries too many calories for the reward, at least bread that is average.  If Stefania is baking her fantastic bread that’s one thing, but Subway?  That bread is average at best.

I think basically it’s just doing the same thing with gluten’s I do now with beer and wine.  If it’s not a good product, I’ll skip it.  Health wise really nothing to report.  I’ve lost a couple of pounds last week, but I’ve been on a diet since January so not to unusual.  I haven’t noticed any real energy change but we’ll see.