Social Media

Maybe I just woke up crusty today, but an article in today’s paper got under my skin.  (Link to the article at the bottom if you want to read it in its entirety)

Quote #1:

Companies should be blogging, tweeting, posting videos and sending emails at a rate that some in the audience found surprisingly high. At a minimum, companies should tweet 100 times per month, Moffitt said. A good goal is for a company to tweet 200 times per month, and a great goal is 400 times per month. Blogs should be updated five times per month at a minimum, but a good goal is to do 12 blog postings per month, and a great blogger posts 30 times per month.

Quote #2:

“I believe that if you have a chief executive that says, ‘I have a guy that does that for me,’ the next thing that guy will be doing is running the company.”

Quote #3:

If I hear one more story about, ‘We use the best grapes and best fields …’ Tell me something new. Because that’s what everyone else is telling me.”

Where do I begin?

I know, the tweeting and blogging.  How am I supposed to be the CFO, CEO, Winemaker, Packaging Engineer, Vineyard Manager, Tasting Room Coordinator, Office Manager, Tank Washer, HR, and Gopher Baiting Monitor if I’m whiling away the hours writing 30 blogs and 400 tweets?  Are you Effing Kidding me? Who makes this crap up?

A winery we are personal friends with, belong to the wine club of, and purchase fruit from, had me fill out a survey about their online practices. I was blunt, I said they are sending out too many emails “check our blog, check our facebook account, follow up on twitter… bla bla bla”.  I understand the power of the delete button and believe me, I use it more often than not.  However, having to use it that frequently was turning their marketing into a nuisance and making me “hate” them.  At some point, in social media venues, you reach a saturation point with your audience and you piss them off.  Or I’m crusty.

Next blog up, a story that is the total and complete opposite of “we use the best grapes and best fields….”  Oh, you’ll be shocked for sure.  Spoiler Alert: we didn’t bottle the wine.

–just read this aloud to Paul and he acknowledges I woke up crusty today…think I’ll go have brunch with an Old Pal–