I scrolled through all of the photos from 2020 and picked this one to blog about.

There were actually some memorable moments and fun things we did, but a bulk of the photos were memories of smoke filled skies, ash, and the eerie orange glow from the fires surrounding us. Yuck.

I quilted several blankets and sewed some placemats that were auctioned off for various charitable donations we supported. Fun!

And I baked. Bread. Not sourdough mind you, I didn’t get bit by that bug. I tried that several years back and vowed never to invest that much time or energy into baking ever again. I followed the instructions step by step, day by day, month by month, and for what, one loaf of bread that wasn’t any more sour or discernably different than all the other loaves I’ve ever made in a few hours time.

In fact, I’m currently using a no-knead version for bread making and the results are excellent, see photo below for proof!

The “bottle” of wine in the background is actually a candle made for us by a club member with some skills.