Happy New Year, Short & Sweet

Was the last blog really 2019? Ew.

Let’s see, so the quickest way to sum up the last couple of years is, “Pretty Much Sucked”.

No no no. That’s not the positive vibe we’re going for, but you were all there for 2020 right? Ew. And last year, not that much was different. We did a lot of staycationing, which was actually fun, we love this property so not being able to go anywhere wasn’t too big of a deal but yeah, we missed two annual trips to the French Quarter.

One positive outcome from being stuck at home, again, for Paul’s birthday and our wedding anniversary, was that I learned how to make pralines. And oh my god they were delicious, and way too easy to make. Pretty much our holiday sweets eating started right around that third week of October and just ended over New Years. Ew.

We’re both ready for a sugar detox.

And that is how you write a short and sweet little blog.