Friends, Family and a Pig Roast Party

Summer is officially in full swing for the Romero’s!  (you know, while we wait for concrete to dry and the real work begins!)

The pig party weather started off cold, windy, and gusty and I actually had a hard time getting the coals lit for the caja china.  Given the nature of our circumstances and the crazy dry country side I carefully selected the pig roasting area where I could keep an eye on it and have a hose handy.  Paul’s garden ended up being the ideal location and I chose it because the large live oak tree keeps that spot well shaded.  Turned out I didn’t need the shade, not with the extreme cloud cover we had, but the canopies came in extra handy when it started to sprinkle on us. Yes, rain! Not measurable, but enough to energize the party.  We invited our new neighbors and visiting friends and family from around the country.

with aj








Friend Allison was visiting from Portland.









Paul’s nephew was here from Tennessee, Dad and Sandy came down from Santa Clara and Mom A. joined us too.  Our neighbor teases Paul all the time about the tie dye shirts, says he needs something a little more country and less hippie.

with ron








The finished piggy came off after 5 1/2 hours in the box, Paul is visiting with Ron while it cools.  The pig came fresh from a ranch that is less than 5 miles from our home.  We didn’t pick her out from a living pen, she was already dressed when we picked her up.  Coming in at number 6 for the number of pigs I’ve roasted so far, she was the best tasting and overall best experience.  Partial credit is given to the new location and having enough space to spread out and have enough room to handle the roasting, cooking, serving.

with ET at Ridge





Friends from Tacoma came down for the weekend, they arrived the same day as our other friends from Virginia headed out.  We did some local sight seeing, had lunch in Mountain View and then wine tasting at Ridge.  It had been many years since the last time I was up there so it was a good experience to see how much it’s changed.  The view was so-so the day we went, but typical for this time of year.  After wine tasting, we arrived back in Gilroy in time for a dip in the pool.  From the water looking up the hill from us we watched a mother deer and her fawn make their way along the fence line eating the low hanging branches of trees and hopefully some of the poison oak.

at ridge








The billy goat beard started growing over winter break and seems like it will be a permanent addition for awhile.  I’m just glad to have a new ‘couple’ picture of us, we take too few during the year. Last but not least, the sunset from the other night after the storm passed through.  We have some of the most spectacular sky viewing out here.  We saw Jupiter and Venus in conjunction last night and the night before, so amazing and awe inspiring.

sky fire