We Are Open!

It’s on!

All the forms are filed, all the permits are signed off, we are ready to host at our new location in Gilroy!      This past weekend was all about having fun with our friends in Tacoma, Washington.  We were hosted and treated to awesome VIP service at the Tacoma Dome to see Alice Cooper and Motley Crue.  During the day we goofed around Tacoma, visited nine micro-breweries, took in some local art and let our hair down while the last of the legal permits were being processed.   We flew home Saturday afternoon, unpacked and reconnected with our fuzzy butt family, had a quick swim, then settled in to the home routine.  On Sunday we went to the Annual Garlic Festival, because as you know we are now Gilroyans and I have to have an opinion on everything!  The Festival was awesome and I do highly recommend it, especially to anyone who hasn’t been in the last 15-20 years.  This was my first time attending so I have no previous experiences to compare it to but I’ve heard from plenty of other people (my age) that would rather have a root canal done than ever go back to the festival.  Let me tell you this; the parking and shuttle system was efficient, the ticketing process was smooth and efficient, the shade tents, mercantile, beer tents, wine pavilion, arts and crafts and even the portable restrooms were all set up in an accommodating and efficient manner.  I had a fabulous time.  We each had a couple of beers, we bought some neat trinkets, we ate a deliciously garlicky sausage with sauteed peppers, and got the heck out of there in time to watch the Giants and A’s game.

Anyway, a great way to spend a weekend of fun and entertainment to keep our minds off the pesky annoyances of dealing with various agencies and logistics of getting a tasting room up and functioning.  We are going Country Feng Shui for the “theme”, meaning, we’ll be natural with the area and landscape. No castles, no fountains, no pavilions, no italian marble, etc.  It’s all about being in the country, where the oak trees surround the area, you might see a cow or two, or resident turkeys and deer that wander our property and we’ve set up some picnic benches for you enjoy a meal or glass of wine.  It’s casual. We’re casual.  Enjoy.









Welcome to 1800 Day Road Gilroy.  I had to add this number sign facing the approach from Watsonville Road. Now that we’ll have people driving ‘the back way’ to see us you’ll need to know where to turn!









We are relatively new members of the Santa Clara Valley Wineries Association, I’m headed over to Morgan Hill Cellars later this week to get our official Member sign to hang up, and any other swag I think we might want or need.






The wine garden is ready! Country Feng Shui does include the propane tank and water tank I’m afraid. That’s part of living out in the sticks, oh wait, they call it ‘off the grid’, it’s all good and it’s a fun space to hang out.









This weekend “Coming Soon” turns into OPEN!