Interior and Exterior Progress Photos

The saga continues as the machinist and grape-stomper keep at it.



South wall Dutch Door construction. The objective here is crossflow ventilation, a view out the back to the hillside and eventually a deck we can step out onto and expand the seating area to the sunny side of the structure in the cooler months.




East wall Dutch Door getting it’s reclaimed wood treatment. Most of the pieces of wood were old fence boards, fence rails, and otherwise less than desirable scraps headed to the burn pile or landfill.  I helped Paul trim, rip, and sort by size.




Exterior East Wall. The only place we could find the hinge hardware that suited the structure was on amazon. They really do have everything.  I need to find one more door photo for this post and then we can wrap up the next blog with some finished construction photos.  I’d like to track down a family kodak moment too if I can and include it.





While Paul was trimming out the dutch doors, Dan set himself up working on the swinging saloon doors. So far we’ve been able to keep the piece of lichen intact but eventually it will drop off and we’re already seeing wear and tear on the paint.