Mineral Hill Update

Sunday morning the whole crew was out at Mineral Hill to complete the installation there. Jerry and Millie had finished the wiring on Saturday morning after Millie spent all day Friday prepping the wire and connectors.

My job was to dig holes. Stefania was officially the ‘supervisor’. She made sure all the wire work was polished off, trained the homeowners on how to plant (they did 90% of the planting) and see to all the details including pounding in 90+ rebar supports. Millie finished up support nails for the catch wires and rigged up the drip line so it was off the ground. Jerry cut rebar for Stef and helped with planting.

I also planted a few of the plants including the three table grapes at the end of the vineyard. The table grapes need some expert care and pruning so that’s how I ended up with that job. Below is me finishing off hole #91. I did about 60-70 of the holes. Stef is in the background making sure the catch wires are attached correctly.

It was a really great morning. Blue skies and temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s. Great conditions to work in. Below are a couple of shots of the almost finished vineyard before we started digging holes to put in the plants.

The site is now complete. We installed 5 additional plants as a nursery in case any of the main plants don’t grow. We also set up a watering schedule for the first few weeks. For the rest of the summer we’ll have a few check ups to do to see on progress.