New Website and Blog!

You’ve probably noticed we haven’t been posting blogs for a few weeks. We’ve been working on getting a new website and blog site together and didn’t want to complicate the data import more than we needed too. We’re now ready to go live with the new sites and this will be the last post here at this URL!

First the website address will not change.

There are many changes on the site and new colors and pictures. The biggest thing though and a key thing we wanted to accomplish was to integrate the blog with the website. We’ve done that! The blog will now show up on the front page of the website and can also be accessed at:

New Integrated Blog Site

All of the old blog posts will still be available here and they will also be available on the new site. All new postings though will be on the new site. We like the blog changes a great deal. You’ll now be able to see previews of the latest blogs, the top blogs, and we’ve added categories and tags to make searching the blog easier.

There are still lots of editorial changes Stefania and I will be making over the next few weeks. We’re updating all of the background information and making it crisper. The section on our wines will be made easier to follow and all of the information there will be updated and put in a common format. In general we’re trying to focus on keeping the content in the blog section where it is ‘fresh’ and information elsewhere on the site will be more concise and basic.

For instance there will no longer be an Events page (which we could never keep updated anyway), instead there will be a category called Events in the blog. We’re also hoping that it will be easier for people to interact with us and ask us questions through the blog and website. Let us know what you think and look for blog postings on the new site to start showing up over the next few days.