Pick Up Day

Saturday turned out to be a rainy day at the winery in Woodside.  We had hoped to set up on the front patio by the pool.  The plan was to put out a table with all the wines we’d be pouring and have the Pizza oven in the round about serving hot pizza.

The rain forced us inside though.  The pizzas had to be heated as we needed them and we poured wine from the kitchen of the main house.  With rain and the steep road we thought attendance might be low but we ended up with about 40-50 people stopping by.

I took this picture before we got started.  Stefania and Jaye behind the counter.  I spent a lot of time washing glasses but did get to talk to a fair number of people.  We will probably do the fall pick up closer to home and I think this will have been the only time we will open the winery this year.