Pink Slime

A few months ago I told Stefania we should start a new blog called “Slow and Hard”. She laughed and thought what you just did.

Every ad, every stir and smile tv cook and every commercial on tv for food seems to use the phrase “Fast and Easy.” They leave out the “Crappy” part. It should be “Fast, Easy and Crappy”. As in: “Show your family how much you care by serving this wonderful soup that is ‘fast, easy and crappy'”. Good food is slow and hard. It means some level of commitment by someone to not cut a corner and make it crappy.

A few years ago we stopped buying ground beef. We knew no one was grinding up chuck in the back of the store anymore and the process to make what was being sold commercially was gross.  I also have been on this kick about respect the animal.  I like to name all our meat.  That freaks some people out but if I call the chicken ‘Max’, it just seems more respectful to the chicken.  Max gave up his life so we could eat.  Respect Max.  Eating Max as a chicken nugget at KFC is disrespectful to Max and chickens in general.

Eating ground beef that has gone through a centrifuge and been mixed up with 100’s of other cows is disrespectful to the cow.  Plus it tastes like crap.  Honestly it’s mostly that it tastes like crap.  We grind everything ourselves.  It’s slow and hard.  Well not really, to grind 3 pounds of meat takes a total of about 10 minutes from set up to clean up.  There is an attachment to the Kitchen Aid mixer that works super well.  The end product is hugely superior to anything we’d bought in a package in years.

Me worry about Pink Slime?  No way!  We’re eating Maribelle right now and she was a good cow.  Happy and active.  We have a picture of her up on our fridge.  She’s really yummy too.