Life happens.

So a quick update on the kitchen tractor.  I fixed it!  Ages ago actually, but here are some pics totally in random order.  I’m using this blog as a test, to see how the new platform work outs, seems like when I get really comfortable with a program it gets changed (and not always for the better) but I digress.

First photo is the completed repair with the new metal transmission cover, next to it the lube-y goo so it works smoothly, and top right is “in the shop” pending receipt of parts.

Bottom two pics are the guts cleaned out and waiting for new gears, not sure why I didn’t take a pic of the new parts in place before the lube-goo, must have been excited.

The very last photo is of the parts in order of assembly, a reminder that I needed to replace the pin in between the two gears.

And yes, that is a bottle of chardonnay on my work bench with a botched label on it.



Ok, figured out how to get text down here finally.  I’ll get the hang of this soon.  Lots of other pics to post up and chatter about.

The big news for 2013 is that things are going along wonderfully in the vineyards and the winery.  The lab work for the 2012’s came back solid and we’re starting to see bud break in the vineyards.

Cheers, Stefania