Dad’s Birthday

tank for sale

If the Colonel were still alive, he would be 81 today.

We had a distant relationship after my parents divorce,  but I always made time to visit him on his birthday and fathers day.  No regrets other than he never got to try our wine, he died before the first vintage was in bottle.  He liked Paul a lot and the only time I did miss his birthday was the year Paul and I got serious about dating.

Over the weekend, friends invited us to join them on a tour of military vehicles in Portola Valley (just a few yards from two vineyards we have tended).  The picture with me standing next to a tank is what sparked this silly blog.  The tank is for sale: $40K.



Next photo is of the tank that inspired the tour for us.  It’s a fully restored Panther.  We happened to catch a video of it a few years back but didn’t remember or notice or pay attention well enough to see that at the end of the video, it refers to the restoration location in California.  Well, our friend saw the same show just recently and noted the location and called them up.

As it turns out,  you can tour the collection,  Field Trip!!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had.  Chalk it up to being an Army Brat, but I got to spend almost all day long with Dad, in spirit.

Paul and I had winery work after the tour and we were in the neighborhood.  Glad we cranked out the two hours of prep work on Saturday, because Sunday was a long day working.

All I could talk about the whole time we were working was the tank exhibit, I’m still talking about it!

This all ties back to my dad in a round about way. See, that tank is for sale, and something in my gut tells me he would have bought it.

paul outside          Here is Paul in the courtyard prior to the start of the tour.  We walked through 4 “barns”, giant warehouses actually, over the course of a couple hours and barely glimpsed the collection…it is Amazing.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad, I had a great weekend thinking about you.  I better get back to my day job and start growing some grapes.