Spring Release Shipped!

See that smiling face ?  Could be the glass of wine in his hand, or the steaks on the grill, but either way, that’s what finishing a giant task looks like around here!

Yay Team Stefania!

I’m certain some folks did not receive the Spring Release announcement, because for the first time we didn’t mail hard copies.  Paul sent out email offers in waves to each tier of customers.  If you missed it, or lost it, or deleted it, that’s ok, you can still pick up some wine.  The great news is that it’s now available online through this website!


And while orders were being packed and boxes were getting shipped,  I pulled out my paint brushes and started in on a huge project.  Painting the house, by hand, one brush stroke at a time.  Not like there was much vineyard work to do, in this photo the vines are still dormant.