Country Life

An assortment of photos from life on Day Road.  Paul’s garden with a couple of different crops (scroll down for the winter garden), a rare moment when he was handling the two tasting room supervisors (Breesie left and Drew right), the first grape vine shoots on the Thompsons, our 8 year old neighbor drove the tractor-mower combo over to us, first rose bloom of the season with a wagon wheel followed by newborn kid and then a mama cow on a hike we took over at Harvey Bear park.  Then some turkeys showed up in the driveway early one morning carrying on, then the winter garden photo, the pink blossoms are from the back side of the Home Depot here in town, I was in the lumber section of the store and happened to catch the view out the bays, spectacular. On the drive over to Home Depot was the mustard blooming in a walnut orchard.  Obviously I’m behind and playing catch up with photos.















































































Tasting Room Photos

From Passport Weekend and other assorted moments captured this spring.






















































Clouds and Sunsets

Since moving here, one thing we get to enjoy over and over again are the sunsets, moonrises, and all things cloudy and celestial.  As much as we like to travel we are really enjoying the country life.  It’s been an awesome journey so far and one we enjoy sharing with you online and in person.  The Friday evening happy hours in the tasting room have been a huge success and are a great way for our friends and neighbors to come by and unwind and catch the sunset.






















Food and Wine Pairings

Sometimes a beer just tastes good.  I’m sure Paul would rather I not post a photo of cheetos next to a glass of wine, but to be fair, that was Superbowl Sunday and I was on the cusp of getting one of the nastiest colds I’ve ever had. The wine was sauvignon blanc from Chile.  And then finally a proper food and wine photo.  It was my first time roasting cauliflower and it came out pretty fantastic.


















Chicago February

When the airline deal is $99 one way for a direct flight to Chicago, I have Paul book it and we go.  This time we were able to meet up with friends and customers over the course of an extended long weekend.  We shopped at Binny’s and had lunch at Goose Island one day, lunch at Frontera Grill another, lunch with Otis at Purple Pig, and then dinner with “the gang” at BellyQ.  On our own we had a late dinner the night we arrived at the Turtle Club.










Photos January

Sunset taken from Marina, CA after a day of unusually high surf.







Crimson Clover Vineyard in Morgan Hill, behind El Toro.

This year we paced ourselves and pruned the vines over the course of a couple of days.






20160119_104241_001The accumulation of rain in our nearby hills is dramatic. The swale was running at a good clip several times this past winter.  It was good get so much rain.


We’ve been in Gilroy just over a year now and there have been so many new and exciting things happen in the past 12 months that I’m not even sure where to start.   The biggest news by far is the storm that came in unexpectedly last night.  Normally the pitter patter of rain will keep me awake at night as I lay worrying about what might have been left out of doors that is getting soggy.  Not last night, I was lying awake in the dark with a huge grin on my face and the knowledge that the patio cushions were getting soaked and I couldn’t have been happier or less worried.  To describe the scent and aromas this morning is nearly impossible if you’ve never lived in the hills of California.  It’s sweet, pungent, aromatic and exhilarating.  It’s wet hay, soggy sage, crunchy pine needles, fresh redwood, wet dirt and also wet cat.  I’m not going to complain because this is so wonderful right now I’m euphoric, but, there are little kitty cat muddy paw prints everywhere today.  They are just as excited as we are for the change in weather and have been literally bouncing off the walls, I know, there are muddy prints there too!  As I was headed to the back to snap photos, I happened to walk past one very frisky kitty sitting on the bar in her most regal pose.















Just a couple of days ago I snapped the  photo of this pumpkin that Paul is growing for me.  He put in several plants, but only the ones in the raised boxes produced.  There are three adorable little pummers out there and I’m beside myself with how cute they are.  The watermelons did ‘ok’, will have to revisit the garden growers manual to see what we can change to get a deeper red flesh and sweeter taste.  I take that back, they were sweet, just not very flavorful, maybe too much water?  Could have been the varietal too I suppose.  I don’t know, Paul is definitely the gardener in this family.





This sunset photo is from two nights ago, the pics from the sunset last night are brighter orange and are exactly why I said the storm overnight into this morning was completely unexpected.  I mean, we had clouds and it was a spectacular sunset and all that but it certainly didn’t feel like rain was coming.  All day the accuweather app on my phone kept giving me rain updates and warnings but no rain appeared.

The tasting room is open this weekend:  Friday night we’ll do happy hour(s) from 4-7, Saturday 11-4 and Sunday 12-4.  I’m looking forward to this weekend and pouring during milder weather.  Opening weekend was 104° but we managed to keep the wine cool with multiple blocks of dry ice in the tasting room.  Having a space that is open frame and not insulated has charm and country aesthetic, but not so great when the summer temperatures spike.

Coming up Next:

Our First Wine Club Event is on October 10th, there is still time to join and get on the list for the pig roast.

We tested out the logistics in June and had a pig roast for our neighbors, friends, and family with great success and looking forward to sharing this fun event with all new friends!

Also on the agenda for this Fall:

A “Garage Sale” probably in November.  A couple of years ago when we were in Newport Oregon, the Rogue Brewery had a garage sale and we are borrowing their idea.  On our inventory sheets from the warehouse, we have a handful of wines with fewer than 5 cases left that we’ll discount and sell out of the ‘garage’ (tasting room).

Alright, well the sun is starting to peek through the clouds, the little furry ones have settled into their napping spots for the day and I need to get on with my bookkeeping and close out the last quarter.  Welcome to October everyone and let the rains begin!!


Grand Opening this Weekend August 15th and 16th

It’s finally here the grand opening of our new tasting room.  We will be open this Saturday August 15th from 11-4, and Sunday August 16th from 12-4.  The tasting room is located at 1800 Day Road in Gilroy, CA 95020.  We had a successful soft opening two weekends ago which we used to test everything we needed to have working and delivered.  Thanks to all our friends and neighbors who stopped by to kick the tires!

Now we’re ready to invite everyone over!  We will be pouring 5 wines for $10.  The tasting price is refunded with any bottle purchased.  Wine Club members enjoy free tasting and an additional assortment of wines.  This weekend  we will be featuring all of our recent medal winning wines including three gold medal winners: 2013 Chardonnay, 2012 Nueva Casa de los Padres and our 2012 Mourvedre (wine club only).   Our tasting area includes picnic benches so bring your picnic with you!

Many of our local friends will also be open this weekend so come make a day out of it.  There are 15+ wineries within 10 miles of us now and we have lots of good recommendations for everyone.  See you this weekend!


We Are Open!

It’s on!

All the forms are filed, all the permits are signed off, we are ready to host at our new location in Gilroy!      This past weekend was all about having fun with our friends in Tacoma, Washington.  We were hosted and treated to awesome VIP service at the Tacoma Dome to see Alice Cooper and Motley Crue.  During the day we goofed around Tacoma, visited nine micro-breweries, took in some local art and let our hair down while the last of the legal permits were being processed.   We flew home Saturday afternoon, unpacked and reconnected with our fuzzy butt family, had a quick swim, then settled in to the home routine.  On Sunday we went to the Annual Garlic Festival, because as you know we are now Gilroyans and I have to have an opinion on everything!  The Festival was awesome and I do highly recommend it, especially to anyone who hasn’t been in the last 15-20 years.  This was my first time attending so I have no previous experiences to compare it to but I’ve heard from plenty of other people (my age) that would rather have a root canal done than ever go back to the festival.  Let me tell you this; the parking and shuttle system was efficient, the ticketing process was smooth and efficient, the shade tents, mercantile, beer tents, wine pavilion, arts and crafts and even the portable restrooms were all set up in an accommodating and efficient manner.  I had a fabulous time.  We each had a couple of beers, we bought some neat trinkets, we ate a deliciously garlicky sausage with sauteed peppers, and got the heck out of there in time to watch the Giants and A’s game.

Anyway, a great way to spend a weekend of fun and entertainment to keep our minds off the pesky annoyances of dealing with various agencies and logistics of getting a tasting room up and functioning.  We are going Country Feng Shui for the “theme”, meaning, we’ll be natural with the area and landscape. No castles, no fountains, no pavilions, no italian marble, etc.  It’s all about being in the country, where the oak trees surround the area, you might see a cow or two, or resident turkeys and deer that wander our property and we’ve set up some picnic benches for you enjoy a meal or glass of wine.  It’s casual. We’re casual.  Enjoy.









Welcome to 1800 Day Road Gilroy.  I had to add this number sign facing the approach from Watsonville Road. Now that we’ll have people driving ‘the back way’ to see us you’ll need to know where to turn!









We are relatively new members of the Santa Clara Valley Wineries Association, I’m headed over to Morgan Hill Cellars later this week to get our official Member sign to hang up, and any other swag I think we might want or need.






The wine garden is ready! Country Feng Shui does include the propane tank and water tank I’m afraid. That’s part of living out in the sticks, oh wait, they call it ‘off the grid’, it’s all good and it’s a fun space to hang out.









This weekend “Coming Soon” turns into OPEN!

Friends, Family and a Pig Roast Party

Summer is officially in full swing for the Romero’s!  (you know, while we wait for concrete to dry and the real work begins!)

The pig party weather started off cold, windy, and gusty and I actually had a hard time getting the coals lit for the caja china.  Given the nature of our circumstances and the crazy dry country side I carefully selected the pig roasting area where I could keep an eye on it and have a hose handy.  Paul’s garden ended up being the ideal location and I chose it because the large live oak tree keeps that spot well shaded.  Turned out I didn’t need the shade, not with the extreme cloud cover we had, but the canopies came in extra handy when it started to sprinkle on us. Yes, rain! Not measurable, but enough to energize the party.  We invited our new neighbors and visiting friends and family from around the country.

with aj








Friend Allison was visiting from Portland.









Paul’s nephew was here from Tennessee, Dad and Sandy came down from Santa Clara and Mom A. joined us too.  Our neighbor teases Paul all the time about the tie dye shirts, says he needs something a little more country and less hippie.

with ron








The finished piggy came off after 5 1/2 hours in the box, Paul is visiting with Ron while it cools.  The pig came fresh from a ranch that is less than 5 miles from our home.  We didn’t pick her out from a living pen, she was already dressed when we picked her up.  Coming in at number 6 for the number of pigs I’ve roasted so far, she was the best tasting and overall best experience.  Partial credit is given to the new location and having enough space to spread out and have enough room to handle the roasting, cooking, serving.

with ET at Ridge





Friends from Tacoma came down for the weekend, they arrived the same day as our other friends from Virginia headed out.  We did some local sight seeing, had lunch in Mountain View and then wine tasting at Ridge.  It had been many years since the last time I was up there so it was a good experience to see how much it’s changed.  The view was so-so the day we went, but typical for this time of year.  After wine tasting, we arrived back in Gilroy in time for a dip in the pool.  From the water looking up the hill from us we watched a mother deer and her fawn make their way along the fence line eating the low hanging branches of trees and hopefully some of the poison oak.

at ridge








The billy goat beard started growing over winter break and seems like it will be a permanent addition for awhile.  I’m just glad to have a new ‘couple’ picture of us, we take too few during the year. Last but not least, the sunset from the other night after the storm passed through.  We have some of the most spectacular sky viewing out here.  We saw Jupiter and Venus in conjunction last night and the night before, so amazing and awe inspiring.

sky fire